Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A bit about me

As this is my first blog let me introduce myself to you all.

Sometimes it is difficult to introduce yourself. I know myself better than anyone else but when I am asked to put in writing, I start wandering what to write.

I am a day dreamer, I love to think, talk, surf, read, write. A Technical Writer by profession, a Mumbaikar by vicinity, I seem to be talkative for some people and quite for some others. I like to stare at the sky, sea, sunset with a blank mind. I like to feel the gentle wind and forget all my worries. An emotional and a sensitive person too….Tears fill my eyes very quickly.

I try to enjoy every good moment of my life. Mom, dad, brother, Himanshu and all my friends complete my family. I feel so blessed for having a companion like Himanshu. I follow the saying “Let us live, before we die”…That was a bit about me.

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